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I currently have a black 13″ macbook and really really want a unique sleeve for it.

So I was browsing until Gelaskins caught my interest.

Not because of they do skins for laptops, ipods, iphones and so forth but becuase of the designers.

They are amazing!!!

I love their designs.

My favourite artists out the bunch were:

(in no particular order)

  • Nanami Cowdroy
  • Yumiko Kayukawa
  • Jaime Zollars
  • Jen Lobo
  • Yoko d’Holbachie
  • Si Scott

They are too talented. I applaud them, of course with the rest of the Gelaskins designers.

Gelaskins artists



a little late…

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I know this is quite late but I hope everyone had a wonderful and enjoyable christmas.

I also wish everyone a Happy New Year to 2009 


Best Wishes,



Dear Santa…

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please get me one of these!!


I think this design is very cool and ionnvative.

The designer for this umbrella is Sang-Kyun Park.

Whats even fascinating about this is that it is the raindrops that make the light.


“As water pours over the surface, potential energy from raindrops slamming onto the conductive membrane called PDVF transforms into electrical energy powering embedded LEDs sending your umbrella ablaze with light. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light to help you see your way.” (from yankodesign site)

So with light rain the umbrella does this:



To heavy rain that makes it do this:



via: YankoDesign 


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Saw these and had to post them.

They are currently being held at mudam museum in Luxembourg.

The exhibition is called rrripp!! paper fashion exhibition.

Here, check them out:


more info at: Mudam museum website


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urmm… I don’t quite know what to say really.

They are just absolutely hilarious! No offence to the guys that wear them.. if guys do.. but I really cant picture a guy wearing them.

Even the models have a bit of trouble pulling them off.

Are they for the conscience guys who have ‘love-handles’ and ‘beer bellies’?

Will it be a new secret trend for the men?

What do you think?

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Damned Ink Studios

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I was browsing the web as you do, and come across a fantastic artist aged 36 from Las Vegas, Nevada. His name – Danny Roberts.

I really do enjoy looking at his art. They are really fantastic.

“The majority of my fine art could be described as statement art. It’s about conflict and social commentary, particularly of the suit and tie crowd. ” says Danny Roberts from his myspace page.

Here are some of his pieces:


Quote 2…

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“your enemy’s enemy is your friend”